4 Resilient Indoor Plants That Stay Green Long After You've Lost The Will To Live

These gorgeous plants will stay happy and healthy no matter how terrible your life has gotten!

1. Jade


First up is Jade: a succulent staple that will withstand even the longest of emotional winters. You can even grow more whenever you want, because unlike you, Jade flourishes wherever it lands. Just place leaves in soil and watch it grow while you die on the inside.  

2. Rubber Plant


Next up is this crazy thing.  With leaves that mature to a deep burgundy, Rubber Plants will suit your mood no matter how dark it gets. Watch out, though, it grows faster than your self-doubt and requires pruning.

3. This One Here 


You know it, you love it, you've definitely seen it before at least once in your miserable life. Anyway yeah this thing has leaves and it's cool in the sense that unlike you, it wont fold under pressure.  

4. Air Plant


This little magic thing doesn’t even need soil.  Just throw it in some water and leaves will appear out of thin air, like your crippling anxieties.  Also, you can hang it from the ceiling, which will make things easier if you do ever decide to take yourself out.